5 Pack Innokin Prism T18/T22 Atomizer Coil Heads


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Pack of 5 genuine replacement 1.5 Ohm organic cotton coils for the Innokin Endura T18 ‘Prism’ tank. (Not the T18E)

The Innokin Endura T18 1.5 Ohm coil is a replacement coil for the Innokin Prism tank used in the Endura T18 Starter Kit. The coils have several slots running from the top to the bottom of the coil to ensure liquid can always enter the interior of the coil so dry hits can be avoided. The coils have organic Japanese cotton inside.

Be careful you don’t have the T18E tank because it says T18 on the tank, not T18E. The way to check is if the coil is shorter and has 3 holes, because these T18 coils have 5 holes are they’re taller.

Most of the boxes have an authenticity sticker, but please bear in mind some may not as Innokin has only just started to provide stickers on all/most of their products.

For a great range of suitable UK e-liquid flavours for these coils.


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